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  1. victorialovelace:

    Me and cutie @tacticalmikuru are planning to go to @peppcon tomorrow. Going to attend the fashionshow there. Hope to see you there!… And I want a lot of hugs!

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    Gothic wedding

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    20 Years ago today One of the best movies came out called The Crow. Through the hardships that happened during filming and the people lost. Brandon Lee’s last performance was his best. I want to thank The Crow and Eric Draven for this movie. May 11 1994-2014

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  5. new blouses ♡♥♡

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    kuroshitsuji-book of circus- and 2pm works collaboration

    1st model- Sebastian Michaelis

    2nd model- Ciel Phantomhive

    3rd model- Grell Sutcliff


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  7. k4n43:

    my outfit for Rouise’s anniversary event at Rockaholic.

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